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Little Birds

Broadsides  With Poets



The intaglio prints on this page are a result of my exploration with non-toxic printmaking.  I received two grants and was fortunate to study at the Making Art Safely Studio in Sante Fe, New Mexico.


My prints are made with sunlight, water, and soy inks. The process begins by drawing onto a clear piece of acetate.  The acetate drawing is then placed face down on a thin metal plate coated with photosensitive emulsion.  The plate and drawing are exposed to sunlight.  The exposure can vary from fifteen seconds to three minutes.  After exposure, the plate is immersed in a pan of water and scrubbed with a soft brush.  The plate is next hardened in the sun, edges are filed, and the image is ready to print. 


For printing, paper is soaked in water, blotted, and placed over the hand-inked plate on the bed of the etching press.  The crank is slowly turned pushing the plate and paper under the high-pressure roller and the print is pulled.  The plate must be re-inked for each print. 


There are many variables and happy accidents in printmaking.  My editions are intentionally varied and low in number.



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